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Technology moves Business goals further and Our Products helps you to leap forward

Leverage our Agile,, Software Quality based development and testing skills for your business innovation

Self Service Automation

We help Banks, financial institutes, retail, telecom, health, travel sector to automate business process using Cash,Cheque,EFT,Credit, Debit, Pre-paid Cards

Digital Rights Management

Building content, and social media intellectual proprty needs highly secured encrypted envrionment with controls to access, reproduce,disributeto authorised consumers and secured channels.

Business Portals

Business portals are HTML5, REST API based solutions for e-commerce,, content distribution, Financial inclusion using REST API from Banks, Travel, Insurance, Top ups.

M2M/IOT Based Automatio 

Retail Outlet of Banks, ATMs, Shops can be controlled for Secuirty Survellience, energy management, remote access control, for ease of operations.