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Travel Ministry

AVERN Technologies enables Travel ministry to leverage Portal /Mobile app solutions to promote and develop new tourist attractions, certiifcation,destination management, tourist guides.

Quest : DMC ERP Automation

AVERN Technologies solves Destination Management companies challanges using automation platform to cater to different timezones, different culture and languages and manage local resources viz. Fleet, staff, site seeing,medical,VISA

Wanderer : B2B Travel Aggregators

AVERN Technologies enables B2B ,B2C ,B2B2C players in Travel to host online B2B Transaction platform so as to allow Travel agents to build Instant Travel Itinerary, Preload special price for Flight, Site seeing, Transfer, Insurance,Hotels..more

Explorer : Travel Agent Online Portal

AVERN Technologies enables offline travel agents to build it's online presence so as to get cost effective Flight, Hotel, Transfer, Site Seeing, Insurance pricing with higher margins, lower cost of operations, promotion on social media.