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SALARY ATM - Increase Your Operational Efficiency

 Payday Queues to Disburse Cash can cause

Employee Dis-satisfaction, Staff operational issues

Salary ATM Features 

PayDay ATM can be loaded with Cash multiple times in Day depending on withdrawal traffic.
Accurate and Automatic counting and dispense reduces wait time of employee,
no staff needed except for cash management
Cash Report gives insight to indent cash from the bank.
Cash is safe in PayDay ATM lock and key 

Payday Issue For Temporary Workers

Peak Demands of cash on single day
Demand for more staff to handle cash disbursement (Staff takes time to manually count cash and employee with paper work overheads increase wait time)
Shortage of cash increase employee dis-satisfaction
Holding excess cash increase risks of theft and vandal

Salary ATM Offline and Online Deployment

Salary ATM PAY DAY Services